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We provide a wide variety of digital services

Media Contact

Media Contact

We offer you the best media contacts list to put flesh on the bones of relationships with your target audience and make more powerful campaigns for your industry.

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Translate & Localization

Translate & Localization

Green Media Post presents 100+ languages in the context of customized global translations and localizations to make sure your message is clearly received by the global receiver.

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Monitoring & Report

Monitoring & Report

We get you privatized monitoring and reporting tools that press release distribution services of greenmediapost hold its software which was well proven in 2022 and is still growing for the future.

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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is mostly carried out through the website. We determine which platform suits you best and do it from social media or also blog accounts.

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Press Release Distribution Service

Since today’s target audience term is as changeable as multimedia, we distribute all online benefits of our tips in a futuristic way. All story ideas will have been globally translated and localized in our Monitoring and Reporting platform to be understood well to reach the top point of Affiliate Marketing worldwide through greenmediapost’s united press releases distribution services.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Your forecast can be posted within the language your audiences can understand directly. We have a corporate guide that tells you releases like a story about whatever your coverage needs to release about that.

Since we provide global translation and localization service on your press release, you will reach any kind of article that journalists release in the appropriate language or in the translated version professionally.

We offer a wide variety of SEO benefits and also privatized educational webinars on your demand as well. You will be able to understand the deepest data verification and validation services for your press release distribution. Besides, our AI technologies identify which press release distribution service suits you best and your business is getting to reach your target marketing on news wires with the optimum journalists, too.

Our customers who took advantage of greenmediapost year end special offers are now taking more trusted results in the media with green folding money in this competitive industry. You can see our press releases that distribute on the best news wires in NY, Cali, and LA news including the best PR Pros nowadays.


Clients feedback

Greenmediapost provided us such a PR Newswire toolkit converting our content of press wire into a sponsored placement that suits our published websites. This PR Newswire helped us with trade publications in New York as well. I recommend this company to all investors around the world.
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Nancy D. Cooper
Channel Support Specialist
We are developing the best title searching for websites, news, newspapers, and channels. We couldn't find the relevant material about them when we first started but Greenmediapost provided us with print and video resources as well as the right strategy and coverage. Our news wires are getting profit now.
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Patricia T. Braden
Title Searcher
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